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Anna Vej & Elisabeth Snejbjerg

Anna Vej & Elisabeth Snejbjerg


Studio Grey is a Copenhagen based design consultancy founded in 2016 by Elisabeth Snejbjerg. Anna Vej joined in 2017. Our expertise in product design and product development enables us to work with established design brands and new upcoming talents.

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of Scandinavian and international projects within the design field. From revitalizing an existing design brand to launching a new one to the market, we work on building a clear brand strategy and designing/developing new products and collections.

Elisabeth Snejbjerg has over 15 years of experience from the design and lifestyle industry working in the intersection of creativity and strategy primarily with product design and concept development. Holds a MSc in Communication and Danish.

Anna Vej has worked as a product designer for the past 9 years and has experience within all aspects of the design process. She studied Interior Architecture and Design in San Francisco.

We have a strong commitment working alongside our clients and most of our projects are signed with a confidentiality agreement. We encourage new thinking, create meaningful brands and design high impact products.